Werner Wirth GmbH/ Zierick

Connectors, terminals and plugs, whether screwed, clamped or soldered: we are the right contact for all your requirements

Connectors from the US ZIERICK Manufacturing Corporation guarantee communication among individual electronic components. Based in Hamburg, WERNER WIRTH GmbH specializes in electrical components and represents ZIERICK as its sales partner in larger part of Europe and Asia. WERNER WIRTH used ZIERICK’s Fine Wire Connector and Insulation Piercing Crimp Terminal in FUTURE PACKAGING to make the battery connections used on the printed circuit board in the production line.

Most of the ZIERICK metal stamping parts are available in loose piece, on reels, or in tape formats. The taped versions make automatically mountable components even more flexible because parts can be mounted using standard placement machines.

Strong solder joints and high positioning accuracy during and after solder paste reflow, are what make ZIERICK connectors stand out. The key to these superior characteristics is the active use of the capillary action of the liquefied solder in the reflow phase.

In the anniversary year - 1919 - 2019 100th anniversary - ZIERICK has consistently brought connection technology innovations onto the market. ZIERICK focus is on wire-to-wire and wire-to-board connections, the development and production of various tabs, receptacles, sockets, pins and headers.


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