Werner Wirth GmbH

We connect electronics and give them durable protection

WERNER WIRTH is the only company in the electronics branch to have specialised in electronic connections and component protection, offering correspondingly integrated solutions from the prototype to mass production.

We are part of a strong corporate group that acts as an integrated system and product supplier for connections in mechatronics and electronics across industries and worldwide. We manufacture and distribute the corresponding products, subsystems and components and supply tools, machines and materials for the corresponding production processes. Above all, we have the experience to recognize which solution is the right one.

Component protection - The right machine and the right "afterwards"

High flexible, compact, innovative – Alpha 6
The system is outstandingly by high flexibility in terms of various coating and dispensing applications and even enables surface treatments for optimum adhesion via atmospheric plasma. Regardless if it applies to conformal coating on mounted or non-mounted assemblies with precise repetition accuracy and reliable process control, and equally to the dispensing of SMD adhesive, thermal compound and soldering paste, melting resins and other 1- or 2-component mould materials. The platform is configured according to the specific requirements. Several metering applications or different materials can be processed on one and the same platform. The axes are designed for application-specific control of a large range of metering and spraying valves, including film coater and jet valves. A camera proceeds with fiducial detection for corresponding XY correction in the interests of more reliable process control. All axes are naturally equipped with brushless servomotors, precision rotating spindles and optical encoders. Your applications can be discussed and tested under practical conditions in our technology centre. There is even production capacity available on our machines, in case you do not want to produce yourself!

Alpha 6: Coating and dispense system


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