Tower-Factory GmbH

The Tower-Factory GmbH was founded in 2013 with the motivation to develop a storage system that is not only technically innovative but in particular can be seamlessly integrated into the existing production environment and also meets modern SMT production requirements.

With the s|tower® series, it has been possible to establish a production supply depot that enables closed, efficient production flow (closed loop).

Since the end of March 2017, Tower-Factory GmbH is a subsidiary of FUJI CORPORATION.

The storage systems s|tower® Various 930 and 773 were especially designed to meet the specific requirements of high-efficient SMD productions. They can be modularly expanded, flexibly arranged, configured as required and seamlessly integrated into existing manufacturing environments. Both versions of s|tower® can accommodate individual SMD reels (from 773 up to 1,300 reels) or trays (blisters) and store them close to production.

The automatic package recognition in the transfer terminal takes place with a high-resolution camera in a reading window of 230 x 270 mm2. The images created in this way can be archived for traceability purposes, as are all export and storage operations.

The s|tower® SmartCarrier is an optional accessory for the s|tower® Various product family. The use of the SmartCarrier makes it possible to store – in addition to individual SMD reels - JEDEC trays, drypacks, cardboard reels, loose material or printed circuit boards, up to a transport weight of 5 kg, close to the production.

The s|tower® DryFlow features energy-efficient circulating air drying. The MSL components are stored in a controlled atmosphere of ≤5% RH at a fraction of the energy requirements of comparable storage systems.

s|tower® Various 930


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