Nordson Sonoscan, Inc.

Your partner for Acoustic Micro Imaging

Nordson SONOSCAN is the newest member of the Nordson Test and Inspection Group which sets the standard in industrial testing and inspection equipment for today's electronics manufacturing operations. The Nordson SONOSCAN brand now sits proudly alongside Nordson DAGE, Nordson MATRIX and Nordson YESTECH.

Our group continues to grow its centre of excellence for acoustic non-destructive inspection at our Elk Grove facility near Chicago. Our production and failure analysis systems are manufactured there with applications and product support throughout the world.

Since its inception in 1973, Nordson SONOSCAN has remained the most trusted authority in the application of acoustic microscopy, also known as Acoustic Micro Imaging (AMI) technology for non-destructive internal inspection and analysis. Nordson SONOSCAN acoustic microscopes are recognized as the benchmark for accuracy and, through our SonoLab® division, you will benefit from the unmatched expertise of our dedicated acoustic applications engineers. Our engineers represent the leading minds in AMI and regularly receive industry recognition and awards, including the prestigious IEEE Rayleigh Award.

This dedication to acoustic microscopy is the core of the Nordson SONOSCAN Group. We continually strive to deliver extraordinary data accuracy, superior image quality and unsurpassed technical expertise. We also provide advanced tools and features to turn the accurate data into actionable information. A variety of analysis functions help identify defects and determine their significance.

The company holds more US and foreign patents related to AMI technology than any other manufacturer. All in all, Nordson SONOSCAN is your best insurance against costly production shutdowns, quarantined products and very disappointed customers.

Nordson SONOSCAN solutions for fully automated volume in-line production:

Factory friendly:
- SECS-II/GEM E30 and SMEMA compliant
- Water quality and purity management system

Ideal for JEDEC trays or Auer boats:
- Non-immersion transducers
- Vacuum hold down means no floating parts
- Individually designed trays

WaterPlume™ version for IGBT power modules:
- Water isolation keeps active surfaces dry

Global Tool Matching (GTM)™:
- Tool-to-tool image and data consistency
- System stability monitoring
- Customized solutions to suit customer requirements

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