Nordson DAGE

Market Leading Bond Test and X-ray Inspection Systems

Nordson DAGE, a division of Nordson Corporation (NASDAQ: NDSN) manufactures and supports a complete range of award winning X-ray inspection systems and Bondtesters for the PCBA and Semiconductor industries which are recognised as the Industry Standard.

With 0.95 µm feature recognition and X-Plane® image slice technology, the new Quadra™ 3 is perfectly designed for PCBA production line quality control and inspects a wide range of manufacturing defects including BGA, QFN and IGBT attachment, PTH filling, interfacial voiding, component cracking and counterfeit device screening.

The 4600 Automated Bondtester is designed to give the most accurate and reproducible test results, ensuring maximum data integrity. For the most complex devices with a high density of bumps or very fine pitch wires, automation is the only way to ensure maximum test accuracy. The high precision system is capable of testing <50µm interconnects by using the latest camera assisted automation routines. It is possible to remove the need for operator interaction by employing robotic handling of wafers and lead frames and use high magnification cameras to identify failure modes after tests complete. Operator errors can be eliminated.

4600 Automated Bondtester


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