MIMOT is your partner in the area of SMART FACTORY SOLUTIONS and ultraflexible SMT Assembly systems.

The modular SMART FACTORY SOLUTIONS optimize electronic production sites regarding material management, enhancement of through put, reduction of stock, improving of quality, reduction of lead times and use of production equipment.

The modular Systems start from standard Tower Storage Systems with 2.000 reels capacity and can be extended tin steps uo fully automatic Solutions with capacities of 30.000 or more reels.

Additional options like Goods Entry Station with Scanners, automatic Input and Outputsystems for complete product sets, automatic component counting via X-Ray inspection, automated guided vehicels for automatic supply to production lines up to storage possibilities under dry air and humidity control.

Ultra-flexible SMD Placement Systems based on state of the art linear motion technology in combination with proven Software for flexible manufacturing and patented expandable feeder capacity ensure the best solution in the market for production environments where a large number of change overs per day are needed.

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