Mentor A Siemens Business

The Siemens Valor IoT Manufacturing solution enables any existing factory to become a Smart Industry 4.0 operation without investment to replace machines, processes or enterprise software systems. The robust Valor IoT manufacturing hardware provides connection across the whole shop-floor, normalized into a single simple “plug and play” standard based on the OML (Open Manufacturing Language) specification. The integrated solution of Valor & Camstar Electronics Suite builds on this platform to deliver genuine and unique Industry 4.0 functionality across the whole factory including Lean JIT Material Management, Finite Production Planning, Manufacturing Control & Dashboards, Enterprise Grade Business Intelligence, active quality management as well as full traceability to the IPC-1782 standard. The integration of Valor into Siemens MES provides coverage of the entire factory, including manual stations, functional test & box-build.

 Siemens Industry leading engineering solutions, Process Preparation and Design for Manufacturing, Assembly and Test (DFx) tools also ensure the most rapid new product introduction flow. The Valor products family seamlessly integrates across multiple machine vendor platforms and stand-alone processes, as well as providing full shop-floor integration with enterprise solutions such as ERP & PLM.



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