LXinstruments GmbH

Modular test solutions from LXinstruments support the quality assurance in the electronics manufacturing industry and offer on demand a complete traceability on all test processes in the manufacturing flow.

As part of the Fraunhofer demonstration line, LXinstruments presents the latest version of its modular OTPĀ² Functional Test Platform. On the base of pre-defined modules and function blocks, we realize functional test systems with significantly reduced delivery time. Due to their standardization, they are perfectly suitable for use at remote production sites and for contract manufacturers.

Depending on the requirements of customer application, a LXI-based as well as a PXI-based platform version is available. This enables the realization of systems optimized for the particular task with regard to cost structure and test throughput, be it high-mix production on small lot sizes or large-scale serial production. Despite standardization, systems based on OTPĀ² offer the option to integrate customized special instruments and communication interfaces. Thanks to the open structure, the extension and adaption to changing test requirements is not a problem, even after commissioning at the target site.

The LXinstruments test software suite also features a modular structure base on the test sequencers NI TestStand and Keysight TestExec SL. It offers all prerequisites for re-using already created test software and adapting to customer-specific process requirements.


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