Fraunhofer ISIT

At the SMT 2019 Fraunhofer ISIT’s focus is on the one hand on quality and reliability of electronic assemblies as well as the assembly and advanced packaging technology of production-relevant key technologies for electronic systems. The components of an electronic assembly are subjected to significant loads in connection processes, assembly and in field operation. Material, design and process control are the key factors in producing high quality products. Based on many years of experience analyzing of specific claims and accelerated aged pre-series samples, ISIT has generated a full range of development and service offerings that enable customers to actively increase the quality and reliability of their products.

ISIT is developing further integration technologies for electronic systems and provides customized test chips and substrates. Test wafers are typically used for material screening, process development, and machine demonstration. Fraunhofer ISIT offers customized wafer designs as well as standard designs for typical applications. For material screening applications often silicon chips with contacts linked in pairs are used. Placed on a corresponding substrate automated measurement can be performed with a measurement electronic developed by Fraunhofer ISIT. The placement accuracy of wafer aligners and die placers for example can be measured easily with the aid of glass wafers with precise alignment marks and Vernier structures. Automated placement of these chips is often used by equipment manufactures to demonstrate machine capability during fairs and custom handover.


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