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Fraunhofer IFAM – for safe and efficient bonding processes

Adhesive bonding is a "special process", the results of which cannot be fully tested by non-destructive means. In order to achieve reproducible results, bonding processes must be specified in a quality management system customized for each particular application. The new DIN 2304 standard lays down the mandatory state of the art for the safe and efficient execution of bonding processes. It applies to all industries, including the electronics sector, microsystem technology, optics, and medical technology.

DIN 2304 brings new challenges for companies that use adhesive bonding technology. This includes the need to classify all bonded joints into safety classes, depending not only on the risk to life and limb but also on commercial risks as well as the requirement to develop a customized concept to ensure compliance with all technical aspects relating to the bonding work. Another key aspect is practical implementation of the standard, from the material selection stage to the final finished product. To carry out these tasks it is beneficial to have extensive experience with bonding processes and the associated quality assurance!

Fraunhofer IFAM can help you evaluate the current status of your bonding processes, identify the potential and strategies for optimization, and actively assist you with implementation of the standard.


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