F&S Bondtec Semiconductor GmbH

Who we are

F&S Bondtec Austria serves the desktop equipment segment and supplies the most complete program worldwide for bonding and testing equipment. Only F&S Bondtec Austria can offer you a secure investment into the future: our Desktop-Micro-Factory which provides all wire bond processes and, in addition, all test methods in a single desktop machine base. As a leader in innovation, we see ourselves both in the field of fully automated bond testing and manual testing

What makes us special

Our success rests on three pillars: First, an enormous treasure of know-how in all aspects of wire-bonding technology; secondly, our outstandingly competent employees, and thirdly the excellent rapport we have built up to several hundred customers world-wide. This has helped to stay ahead in bonding technology for many years, for us and for our customers alike. We are particularly proud of our latest development, the very first fully automatic bond tester on the world market, the revolutionary 5600CS. With the 58XX series we close the gap to automatic bonders. Our know-how is reflected in a multitude of patents and research projects.

Our Promise

We are approachable at any time with any questions about Bond- & Bond-Test technology for our customers. Our quality is trend-setting for the standard on the bond market.

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Internet: www.fsbondtec.at

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