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The Future Packaging Joint Booth at SMT 2014


2014 Focus: Industry 4.0 and Electronic Manufacturing

Catchphrases like “Smart Factory”, “Internet of Things” and “cyber-physical systems” are part of the buzz surrounding the topic Industry 4.0. It is a trend that both research institutions and companies across industrial sectors are involved in. But, what does Industry 4.0 actually mean in terms of electronic manufacturing? The 2014 joint booth “Future Packaging” sets… Read more

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The Future Packaging Joint Booth is a great example of industry and research working together efficiently. Its live production line provides a unique glimpse of the manufacturing process and the technologies that make it possible. Visitors get to judge the performance of the machines for themselves by seeing them in operation in an environment that mimics actual manufacturing conditions.

The booth also showcases a wide range of exhibitors, including research institutes, machine manufacturers and component suppliers.

In 2014, as in previous years, the production line will give visitors the chance to see the entire processing chain of electronic component manufacture, from the initial registration of the incoming goods through to component testing.

As a particular highlight, the booth will showcase suppliers from the manufacturing environment. The production line is a great chance to see the machines that comprise it operating under conditions similar to those of industry without even having to leave the conference venue.